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Walking Meditation

This walking meditation can be done outdoors or indoors, whether you have 5 or 15 mins to spare, a great way to calm your mind and move your body.  

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Self-Compassion for Teachers

The most recent wave of Research in the area of Mindfulness has looked at the connection between Mindfulness & Self-Compassion. One pioneer in this area is Dr. Kristin Neff, who describes Self-Compassion as having the following three aspects: Self-Kindness...

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What Causes Teaching Stress?

Lets jump straight to the top 3 Causes of Stress, as identified in a 2013 research paper on Secondary School Teachers in Australia: Student Behaviour Assessment Time Now, I'm not in Australia!  But as a Secondary School teacher in Ireland, those three ring true for me...

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Body Scan Meditation

This Body scan meditation is a great way to introduce some mindful self-care into your week. Research shows that regular mindful meditation can help reduce stress and anxiety. The...

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Evening Routine for Teachers

A morning routine can help us get into the right frame of mind for the day.  A good evening routine is just as important and helps us to wind down and relax. Letting go of work, doing something enjoyable and getting a break from the phone all contribute to our...

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How Stress Affects The Body

  Teaching can be stressful work.  This stress has an impact on the body, with some of the typical symptoms shown above.  We all have different ways that we are affected by stress though, so it's great to be able to notice our own patterns.  It's even better to...

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