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Teaching & Mindfulness

Often the focus of teaching & mindfulness is on the student experience but at Mindful Teachers our primary aim is to offer teacher focused mindful practices to give you the tools to deal with challenging situations and bring more enjoyment into your teaching.

Meet the team at Mindful Teachers…

Keith Horan

Keith Horan

Qualified Mindfulness Teacher & School Teacher

Keith is passionate about bringing Mindfulness to teachers.  He has been practising and teaching mindfulness for nearly 20 years and has an MSc in Mindfulness-based Approaches.  He is a school teacher himself and has found his practice to be incredibly helpful in the classroom.

Keith love’s learning new things, whether that’s listening to podcasts, reading or taking up sprinting on track after a break of two decades…

Amanda Horan

Amanda Horan

Yoga & Mindfulness Practitioner

Amanda has been practising Yoga and Mindfulness for 17 years and has been teaching Yoga since 2006.  She loves helping people to move well in their bodies and is excited to share how we can bring movement into the classroom in upcoming courses.

Amanda loves movement of any kind, whether that’s running, swimming in the sea or playing with her three children.

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Mindful Teachers Community

Our growing Facebook community is teacher focused, offering great tips on self-care and stress reduction all mixed with a bit of mindfulness!

Mindful Teachers Online Courses

Our courses are designed to give you the tools to manage the stressful moments in your teaching day and develop lifelong mindfulness techniques!

Mindful Moments (Blog)

Weekly mindful & teacher focused articles promoting teacher self-care and stress reduction. Great mindful practices too!

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