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stress teaching body

Teaching can be stressful work.  This stress has an impact on the body, with some of the typical symptoms shown above.  We all have different ways that we are affected by stress though, so it’s great to be able to notice our own patterns.  It’s even better to become able to notice the first signs of stress on the body, and over time this can become like an early warning system for us.

Mindfulness techniques help us to come into the present moment and instead of ignoring or suppressing symptoms, we learn to deliberately acknowledge what’s happening. By pausing, we are able to assess whether or not there is a real threat, and decide what the best response is.  Research shows that by practising mindfulness on a regular basis we can reduce how often we get stressed.  That doesnt mean that we wont get stressed at all!  But, even when we do we are able to recover more easily.

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